Printing Press

Tuna Label serves customers in sheet fed offset printing since 1978. At our production plant in Organize Sanayi Bolgesi, which we moved in 2003, we handle pre-press, press and post-press processes in our own facility. We process our work on a 36x52 cm Heidelberg printing machine that can print in six colors. We produce for many domestic and foreign corporate companies; catalogues, brochures, advertising and promotional documents such as magazines and posters, turn cards, POP materials. We print products like diaries, calendars, notepads which are suitable for special day promotions and any material which requires printing on paper. We handle many meticulous applications such as foil printing, embossing, embossed spot UV (embossed lacquer) and hard cover. We serve our customers with the highest quality materials. Thanks to our organizational strengths, we ensure that shipments are made in a timely and complete manner. We make world-class and environment-friendly production. Thus we ensure a customer satisfaction oriented and also sustainable success.


is a promotional tool for product or services of a company. Catalogues, an indispensable tool for presentation and publicity of a company, are an easy way of achieving desired goals. There are numerous applications such as multipage, wire stitched or sewn bound or hard covered, or luxury bound. The attractiveness of the catalogue can be increased by use of extra applications such as embossing, spot UV, matt or glossy lamination, and gilding. The quality of a catalogue reflects the quality of the advertised product and represents brand value.


is a product that contains materials such as photos and detailed information, products, services, prices, campaigns, etc. of your company, which support your sales and general promotion. Brochures can be single-page as well as multi-pages. These are descriptive, informative, and introductory printed materials that emphasize important aspects of your business. They can be wire-stitched as well as single-folded or accordion folded.


is a type of periodical which is non-daily, regular publication that can be published in periods of 2, 3, 4 or 6 months, in addition to monthly publications. Many colored photographs, pictures and cartoons can be found in the magazines in addition to news, articles, criticism, research and reviews. Wire-stitching, perfect binding and thread sewing options are available for production of magazines.


For this kind of materials, demand is relatively higher at the end of year. Examples can be diary, desk calendar, three-month calendar, notepad, note cube etc. They can be produced as a set and individually depending on your request.